October 2, 2010

Trouble and Bass - 77Klash & The Captain [DWNLD]

Looking to quench your thirst for electro-dubstep? Here it is, the latest Trouble and Bass Smashcast featuring two of their biggest artists, 77Klash and The Captain. The Captain, a veteran in the genre, is already on his third Smashcast for the label but keeps bringing hotter and hotter ones on the table. This Smashcash lines up all the electro wobble you could possibly ask for, all on a silver platter for your enjoyment. Twenty minutes in, the entire flow changes from the head banging wobble, to the head banging beat of hip hop, grime and dancehall. Yes, you've guessed it: 77Klash has arrived. A fusion of hip hop, dancehall and electro dubstep is what this Smashcast has to offer and should not be left out. Go download the Smashcast which is available on iTunes.

While touching on Trouble and Bass, I feel like it should be noted that Drop The Lime is headed to Toronto in October. Where? The Social. Drop The Lime is heading out on his Hot As Hell tour at these locations below. This guy is a must see, and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to party with a 50s hair-styled, Brooklyn, electro deejay!

Check out Drop The Lime's Tour here: http://www.troubleandbass.com/blog/dtl-hot-as-hell-tour
As a special treat, his partner in crime, The Captain will feature at some venues!!

Finally from Trouble and Bass, we have a freebie. Another Drop The Lime freebie but this time it's all about the ever-popular Sex Sax. Here's the download link below! Check it out!!
Drop The Lime Freebie: http://www.troubleandbass.com/blog/free-download-drop-the-lime-sex-sax-star-eyes-jubilee-mex-sax-rmx

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