September 29, 2010


Nigel One (Of Indigo Pyramid) and fellow beat maker, P3RIPH3RAL are working on another collaborative album to be released in a few weeks on Skew Records! We all know what the two of these talented producers are capable of individually and as a team (Hellamega). Here are a couple of tracks that are expected to be on the album:

P3RIPH3RAL & NIGEL ONE - Chala (Free Download)[Click the little arrow to download]
Too Smooth For Words!

P3RIPH3RAL & NIGEL ONE - Reallydonwannadance?
P3riph3ral and Nigel One-reallydonwannadance? by NigelOne
Sampling some Kool & The Gang, gotta love it!

Here are two other tracks (not from the upcoming release) by both artists, one of which that features vocals by Lisa Preston AKA LP!

P3riph3ral and Nigel One - Wannaplayphotoshoot?
P3riph3ral and Nigel One-wannaplayphotoshoot? by NigelOne

Lisa Preston AKA LP - Sexual(Produced By P3RIPH3RAL AND NIGEL ONE)
Lp-Sexual(produced by P3RIPH3RAL AND NIGEL ONE by NigelOne
Download this track and much more @ Lisa Preston AKA LP's Bandcamp

Dope beats, smooth rhythms, soothing vocals = Beautiful Muzak.

Props to Nigel Uno for putting me on to this ish!

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