October 14, 2010

Various Artists - Rust Coast Sounds [DWNLD]

"Inspired by the collective likes of Brainfeeder and Hyperdub, Rust Coast seeks to provide a similar outlet for Ohio's genre-bending beat makers and producers to communicate with the larger world. With no clear goal or roster in mind, Rust Coast Sounds blends together a variety of beats from Oberlin producers D'Greezy, M$K, and Daniel Oshima, drawing upon a slew of influences from golden age Hip Hop to grime. Toss in a dab of Cleveland MCs Smokescreen, Rust Coast mastermind Wabberjocky mixes it all together into a cohesive story, taking the listener on an auditory journey through turntablism in similar fashion to The Avalanches' Since I Left You."

It was a great pleasure to have this new album sent to us here at Rhythmic Variations of Sound. Ohio's finest young beat makers have collaborated to make a compilation of sounds for our very ears. This album touches on a variety of genres, from jazz, to hip hop, and right back to electronica. It even leaves space for a J-Dilla tribute (Find A Way)! This album, that appears here on the 16th of October, absolutely blew my mind in ways that I had yet to encounter. It was like taking ecstasy straight to my audition. In any case, you know an album is going to be on fire when it starts out by sampling 'The Twilight Zone'.
Check out the two songs below that are available on our SoundCloud:
Wabberjocky Featuring Smokescreen (Rust Coast Sounds) - Got it Like That by Rhythmic Variations Sound
D'Greezy (Rust Coast Sounds) - Ooh by Rhythmic Variations Sound
Keep it going Ohio!!

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