October 4, 2010

Turn Back Time Mondays: Will Smith - Chasing Forever (1997)

This weeks flashback track is the multitalented Will Smith's beautiful "Chasing Forever" off of his solo album, "Big Willie Style" due to various requests by readers.

Will Smith - Chasing Forever

Can't believe this is already an old school track, feels like I was hearing this for the first time just yesterday!

I say we petition to have Will Smith release some new material and do another reunion album with Jazzy Jeff!

Any requests or dedications for next weeks Turn Back Time Monday can be left in the comment section below.


  1. Great selection man, love this track foreeever!

    I'd like to suggest Slick Rick's "Sittin' In My Car" for next weeks TBTM's!

  2. ^agreed, this song is emotionally explosive!
    Request: Mos Def - Travellin' Man
    Dedicate to my girl Andreya!


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