October 2, 2010

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand [Music Video]

I know I'm extremely late by posting this, but I'm still doing it up. You may spend years trying to find an appealing techno music video ranging from animation-styled videos from Daft Punk to attractive women in little clothing walking around a street. In all honesty, we don't listen to techno for the videos, because, well, if we did, we'd be mindless horny bastards. Rather, it's simply the musicality of the song that makes us endure the cheesy 90s Japanese animation or the guy walking around town with a saxophone. But this video, is one that catches your eye and never gets old. 

I think I've watched it 30 times in a mindless daydream and still enjoy every bit of it. Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand features cameos from just about anyone in the music industry. It's a Where's Waldo of sorts for roughly three minutes of pure musical genius. Van Helden and A-Trak sample the perfect piece of the 60s disco song 'Gotta Go Home' by Boney M. In any case, we at RVS absolutely love this music video. Leave us comments about your favourite music video below!!

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