December 31, 2010

RVS Top Ten Tracks Of 2010!

It's time to wrap up the top ten tracks of 2010! As we all know, there were too many amazing tracks released this year to list them all, so we have narrowed down our top 10 favorites. Keep in mind that these selections are based on the opinions of the RVS crew. We have nothing against other "big" singles released this year, these are just the tracks, based on our own criteria, that ended up having the most plays in our iTunes.
10. At number 10 we have the duo, Telephoned that usually covers other artists tracks and puts their own spin on it. However Hold Me was their first completely original composition and it turned out to be a hell of a banger. Sammy Bananas comes with a hard hitting beat while Maggie Horn's sirenous voice enchants the listener. I've always said that her voice could make a broken down garbage truck sound good.

9. At number 9 we have one of our favorite tracks, Scheming, unfortunately off of the final Slum Village album, Villa Manifesto. This track is a brilliant tribute to all the "SV song(s)" featuring a legendary line up consisting of the late great J Dilla of Slum Village, Posdnuos of De La Soul and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest. The beat, by Young RJ, flows flawlessly with each verse and really makes for a great track.

8. At number 8 we have the only Madvillain track released in 2010, Papermill. The beat, sampling a hook in a language which I still have not been able to figure out, has Madlib written all over it. While MF Doom rolls through with lyricism worthy of literary analysis! One of the great duo's does it again!

7. At number 7 we have one of the RVS crews favorite tracks of the year by our man, Unda (Undaground Tha Illest) entitled Are You Surprised? I can't even count the amount of times we've bumped this track while singing along (horribly off key) to the cleverly sampled hook only waiting impatiently for the outstanding drum work to kick in so we can break our necks once again!

6. At number 6 we have Black Milk's Deadly Medley, off of his Album Of The Year. This was a pretty hard decision because in our opinion, every single track off that album was worthy of our top tracks list but this one took the cake with Welcome (Gotta Go) in a close second. This track features some of Detroit's finest; Royce Da 5'9", Elzhi and of course Black Milk himself on the trademark beat and rhymes. Definitely one of the hardest tracks of the year!

5. At number 5 we have Flying Lotus' Computer Face/Pure Being off of his ground breaking album Cosmogramma. We almost got into plenty of car crashes while ridin' out to this track, as it takes over your body and sends it into a musical trance of uncontrollable movements. I DARE YOU to try and sit still during this banger!

4. At number 4 we have another great duo, Duck Sauce, with their huge hit, Barbra Streisand. This track had to make our countdown as it has taken over the party scene and radio waves, making people "Wooh Oooooh" at the top of their lungs.

3. At number 3 we have a possible comeback in the making with a new previously unreleased track by the legendary Lauryn Hill entitled Repercussions. This track was a clear reminder of the greatness Ms. Hill is capable of through her beautiful smooth voice and lyrics echoing over a classic beat.

2. At number 2 we have one of our most played tracks off the year, Onra's Wonderland. This track was an instant hit among anyone that heard it. The beat is only one of many bangers off of Onra's Long Distance LP and it does exactly what the name intends sending you into your own little Wonderland while on the outside you appear as a head nodding music junkie.

1. And finally, our number 1 track of 2010 is...Jay Electronica's Exhibit C! Even though this track was released in the last week of December 2009, it took the world by storm in 2010 and put an extremely talented and underrated underground rapper on the map. Not only are Jay Elec-Yamaka's lyrics on this track beyond any point of understanding but this track also has one of the best beats of the year by the one and only Just Blaze. Therefore this is our track of the year!

Give it up to all these unbelievably talented artists for putting out music in 2010!

Don't take any of these rankings too seriously, their just our favorite tracks of the year! Anybody that wasn't mentioned, believe me you are not forgotten!

It's All Love!


  1. woah that "Are You Surprised?" track is unreal!

  2. Pretty hard to argue with this list :)


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