September 28, 2012

Jaden Smith - The Coolest (Beat by The Stuyvesants) [Video]

Will Smith's 14 year old son, Jaden Smith, begins to follow in his father's hip-hop footsteps with his latest mellow and laid back single, "The Coolest". The track is off the artists upcoming mixtape, "The Cool Tape", which drops Oct. 1st. The smooth beat is from Brooklyn production duoThe Stuyvesants, and really seems to be one of the main reasons this track is musically relevant. He's no Chi Ali, or Fresh Prince for that matter, but I'll take this over youngin's like Lil Mouse any day of the week. Maybe all he needs is his own Jazzy Jeff? Either way, theres no denying that I've had this on repeat all week. Watch and judge for yourself below!

Directed By Mike Vargas / Nuyorktricity
Posted By AdeelRVS

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