April 4, 2012

Elaquent - The Scenic Route LP [Stream]

Nearly a year since releasing his highly rated 2011 album, "The Midnight After", Toronto based producer extraordinaire, Elaquent drops yet another new LP, "The Scenic Route". 

The album showcases a variety of beautifully orchestrated instrumentals to vibe out to. There's even a smooth rendition of the Slum Village classic, "The Look Of Love", in there!

The 14 track project also includes a few choice features from fellow artists Octavio Santos, Kae, Coincidence and Bahwee. 

Listen and buy the whole album below!

Also check out the full story behind the album concept as told by eQ himself below!

" Life is a journey. It is very easy to take the safe path to get to your destination. But what fun is that? Half the fun of the journey is NOT knowing how you will get there. Life is far too short to not have fun with it. I could have taken the safe path of life with my university degree and be working a high paying, boring job. Well, I could still do that really anytime I want. Nothing wrong with taking the safe path, if thats what you're really looking for in life. However, that doesnt do it for me. I dont want to be an old man, like 70, looking back, wishing I would have kept following my dreams and pursue music when I was 25.

This album is inspired by that very idea. In the past year, I've found myself in lots of situations where I've had to choose between professional progression and chasing the dream, much to the dismay of some of my peers and even some of my family. But its all good. I aint even mad. Dont let anybody tell you that what you want to do is a waste of time. Often times the things we look for in life are
foolish to try to chase. Chase it anyways. Who cares. Why not. Have fun. Relax. Enjoy the music.
Take The Scenic Route. "- Elaquent
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