January 10, 2012

Jonti - Sine & Moon (Free Album) [DWNLD]

After releasing his phenomenal debut album, Twirligig in 2011, Stones Throw artist Jonti drops this free 15 track album out of the blue entitled, Sine & Moon. The album is based off the Sine & Moon Mix podcast which was put together last year. The podcast featured a variety of tracks that were being requested for individual release. As a result we have the album version here now.
People liked the songs on the Sine And Moon podcast, so I wanted to get them out for free. So I turned it into an album with extra's, new mixes and original Jeff Jank Artwork. I really love these songs and I hope you enjoy! " - Jonti
Jonti - Lost Machine

Download: Jonti - Sine & Moon (Free Album)

Track List:
1. Saturday Night Songs
2. Red On Green Ft. Jonwayne
3. Confused Birds
4. Nagoya Train Station 3 am
5. Nightshift In Blue (Alternate Version)
6. Koi Moons Daughter Pt. II
7. By This Shore
8. Flesh Of Morning
9. Lost Machines
10. Young Wildebeest
11. Nagoya Interlude
12. Moon Goddess
13. Sugar High
14. Lovers Stone (Alternate Passaros)
15. Vendas Newly Won Dream *bonus trk*

Written By AdeelRVS

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