September 6, 2011

Jonti - Twirligig [DWNLD]

To be completely honest, I only recently began listening to Jonti but have fallen immediately in love with the artists' work. One track in and I was yelling "dope!".  This is one of those artists that produces tracks that are just so fresh that you gotta love it. The album is out in October and I'm going to be one of those buyers. Check out the freebie from Stones Throw below and go buy it in October!
"The album is Twirligig, is slated for October release. Twirligig draws inspiration from many of Jonti's favorite artists: Madlib, Stereolab, Free Design and The Beach Boys. But Twirligig's main inspiration came from cartoonist/ filmmaker Norman Mclaren. Jonti explains, "His films are complex, but they're still fun. You can feel his enthusiasm for techniques and experimentation. I try make simple pop songs with that same enthusiasm."  - Stones Throw Records
 Jonti - Hornet's Nest by stonesthrow

Download: Jonti - Hornet's Nest (to download, right click and save as)

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