April 26, 2011

The Do-Over Vol. 1: Flying Lotus & House Shoes

This gem that seemed to just FlyLo under the radar is from January of 2010 and absolutely deserves some more recognition. Two of my favorites tracks from both Flying Lotus and House Shoes. Listen and grab The Do-Over Vol. 1 below.
"The Do-Over is a summertime party in L.A. founded by Aloe Blacc, Stones Throw behind-the-scenes architect Jamie Strong & Chris Haycock featuring a who's who of mystery guests. The renown party now comes to life in the form of a Limited 10-inch record series featuring exclusive tracks from guests of the party. Each volume is limited to 1,000 copies, featuring deluxe artwork/packaging by a different graphic designer." 
"Volume 1 offers up two neck snapping bangers courtesy of Flying Lotus (Warp/Brainfeeder) & House Shoes (debut release) in this LA vs Detroit beatdown. " - Stones Throw Records
On Side A we have House Shoes going to town on Curtis Mayfield's The Makings of You.
On Side B we have Flying Lotus' Sangria Spin Cycles

Grab The Do-Over Vol. 1: Flying Lotus & House Shoes Stones Throw Records

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