October 20, 2010

Galus - Retro Lyrics

I came across this underground polish beatmaker, Galus, a while back and was really feelin the vibes off his Soundcloud page. I got in touch with him and he ended up mailing me this beat tape; 'Retro Lyrics'. The album features 24 smooth and soulful tracks guaranteed to make your head nod!

"This album is made as a 'beat tape', 24 short instrumental pieces made
of samples from old vinyl records.
Mixture of big beat, jazz, psychodelic rock and electronic music."

Equipement used:
MPC 2000 xl
ROLAND vs 840
Teac - 80-8 (reel to reel tape recorder)
- Galus

Here are a couple of tracks off the beat tape:

Galus - Most Dedicated
05. most dedicated by Galus/Pokój Czarnych Płyt

Galus - Bad Move
18. bad move by Galus/Pokój Czarnych Płyt

The album was released by Soulspazm Records and you can buy it on: iTunes, e-music, Napster, Juno and Rhapsody.

Check out more of Galus @

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