October 18, 2010

DâM-FunK / Computer Jay - LA 7 (ACLA10x10x7)

I was real excited when I heard about this one! I had the chance to catch Master Blazter perform this past summer in what was undoubtedly one of the greatest group performances I have ever witnessed! Check out the highlights from the show HERE.
Could this be a prelude to a possible Master Blazter album?

"Number 7 in the series showcasing the sound of two thirds of the MasterBlaster group – Dam Funk & ComputerJay. The ubiquitious Dam Funk needs little introduction. He’s definitely played at a town near you on multiple occasions in the last few years and still has time for his weekly throwdown – Funkmosphere- in Culver City keeping his hood pass most definitely intact. He gives us two tracks here – the first a delicious groover ‘Night Stroll’ and the second a more frenetic workout – ‘3012 Luv Affair’. Flipping over Computer Jay kicks off in an almost ESG-esque vein with ‘Phantom’ following with two further tracks of heavy drums and an array of analog sounds. In keeping with much of the series Jay’s side blends as one packing in a whole heap to his ten minutes. As ever it’s held together by B+ photo jacket."
- All City Records

"Modern-Funk iz NOT a fad" - D-F

Dam Funk – Night Stroll [Listen Now]
Dam Funk – 3012 Luv Affair [Listen Now]
Computer Jay – Phantom [Listen Now]
Computer Jay – Vice [Listen Now]
Computer Jay – Rare Type [Listen Now]

Grab it @ All City Records!

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