September 4, 2012

The Coup - The Magic Clap [Music Video]

Boots Riley and DJ Pam The Funkstress have long been evoking political activism through soul music and now return to do so with their highly anticipated upcoming album, "Sorry To Bother You". With the lead single, "The Magic Clap", The Coup attempt to rally the youth with an uptempo revolutionary anthem. The visuals take a satire approach to examining the fallacies of FBI interrogation. Watch and get riled up below! "Sorry To Bother You" drops October 30th.
" We made this video in my neighborhood in West Oakland. It's an absolutely true story based on the time I was apprehended by the FBI while performing, tortured and then [saved by] Pam the Funkstress. The bike I ride in the video is the one I get around Oakland on. " - Boots Riley

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