September 16, 2010

Fatima / DâM-FunK - Mind Travelin' EP

This EP was released last March featuring 4 tracks with production from DâM-FunK and vocals by up and coming singer Fatima.

Read full review of Mind Travellin Ep - FATIMA / DAM-FUNK on ©
Heres the newest video for the track "Warm Eyes" off the EP

Grab this heat @ Bookmat

This EP has my "Mind Travelin'" all over the place! Don't Sleep!

Check homegirl out @ Myspace
and @ Mind Travellin Blog


  1. yo can you hook me up with her digits?

  2. Her digits? lol Nah I can't do that, but I can hook you up with her Myspace:
    and a link to her blog:


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